GAKKI Swimwear

Gakki is founded by Anna Wallman, a local Sunshine Coast artist who has branched into her own swimwear range.  Gakki provides unique swimwear products as well as an art platform for ocean lovers.  Gakki embraces a combination of femininity, art and a love for the ocean, making fun, sassy and practical designs.  Linda was contracted by Gakki in 2014 to bring Anna’s emerging brand into the world of ecommerce.  The site is built on the Magento Commerce platform.  Linda has also assisted with a range of marketing and promotional strategies to help drive sales.


Skinkandy is a professional body piercing company originating on the Sunshine Coast and with stores now all over Queensland and northern NSW.  Skinkandy is a growing company and contacted Linda originally in 2013 to rebuild their website with an eCommerce (Magento) solution.  In staying abreast of web standards, Linda rebuilt the site yet again in 2015 with a responsive design.  Technologies used this time were WordPress and WooCommerce.  Linda has provided web hosting services to Skinkandy since 2013.

Nutrifert Australia

Nutrifert Australia are suppliers of innovative products and services to the horticulture, agriculture and resource sectors. Their Head office is located Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.  Linda began contracting as Nutrifert’s sole web developer in 2006 and continues to do so 10 years later.  In this time there have been numerous projects undertaken to meet the online needs of this ever growing and expanding company.  One challenging but successful project was an online data input system for farmers to order soil, water and leaf testing.  Today in 2016, Nutrifert is running on Magento with functionality to launch an online store for horticultural products.  Linda has provided Nutrifert with web hosting services for 10 years also.


Bullionumis is a Sunshine Coast based company supplying products required to test and melt jewellery.  Their previous online store was quite old and was not optimised for mobile devices.  Linda was contracted in 2014/2015 to rebuild the site, bringing the company over to the Magento platform successfully.  Linda successfully migrated hundreds of products from the old database to the new one, saving this client a lot of time as a result.  Linda has provided ongoing Magento training to the client including product configuration, promotions, and all other aspects of the Magento Commerce platform as needed.